10: A DECADE OF ILLUSTRATIONS by Patcharin Jitviriyanon


by Patcharin Jitviriyanon

Installation and Opening

3 December 2014 – 1 January 2015.


Patcharin “Jeed” Jitviriyanon (BA Visual Communication Art, Rangsit University, Bangkok, Thailand and AAA, the Art Institute of Seattle, Washington, USA) made her debut in Seattle’s International Examiner in 2002 with an illustration of Japanese baseball superstar Ichirō Suzuki 鈴木 一朗 (Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees). Fan mails from the newspaper gave her confidence to pursue illustrations seriously. Feeling intimate with paper, she amassed a huge collection of various papers — from discarded magazines to crumbled recycled papers — and developed her distinctive collage work alongside her paintings, often creating mixed media pieces. Her intricate works are small, often no larger than A4 paper created for use as commissioned magazine illustrations. They have been appearing in Bangkok Post’s THE MAGAZINE, Dichan, Thailand Tatler, Esquire, GM, Elle Men, Bangkok 101, Seventeen, among many others, and for other private clientele from the US, UK, and Thailand.

Her works are distinctive not only because they are painting and analog collage, but also, more to the point, her unique sense of character creation, stories, and humour that made those illustrations come alive. Her witty observance of society and its issues, her insightful take on the clients’ often ambiguous briefs and imposed criteria, have contributed to an eclectic collection of works over the past decade. 10: A DECADE OF ILLUSTRATIONS takes a look at these intimate works — a chance to see original handmade collage and painting pieces that are often never before seen outside of her home. We also challenged her to create larger mixed media pieces that will debut in the exhibition for the first time. For this holiday seasons, Serindia Gallery presents these precious tactile illustrations often overlooked or unseen outside of its printed contexts or the environment of its creator.

“I like the process of mixing my own colour palette, cutting different shapes of papers by myself. I reference the modern world by the use of texture, colour and pattern. My use of stylised characters allow me to amplify the emotional response to the subject I am illustrating. Above all, colours are at the heart of what I do” — Patcharin “Jeed” Jitviriyanon

Jeed has been working on the cover of the Thai-language edition of the international bestseller CRAZY RICH ASIANS by Kevin Kwan, to be released in 2015 (Serindia Contemporary, 2015). Stay-tuned!