Giving Up Is “Really” Not An Option!

Giving Up Is “Really” Not An Option! Installation and Opening

17 Janualy 2013


Thaillywood Artist Residency and Serindia Gallery present Thaillywood’s first artist-in-residence Ole Ukena, Berlin-based artist who spent 2012 in Thailand creating works in the newly-established Thaillywood studio in Chonburi province, Thailand. What’s really behind this idea? Contemporary art – is essentially a new practice in Asia, especially in countries deep in traditional roots like Thailand. For Ole Ukena, founder of Cre8 Foundation, working in Chonburi also gave him a chance to teach and involve Thai youngsters in experiencing the process of art creation, in an artist’s studio, embracing new ways of thinking that foster creativity for years to come. Serindia Gallery is grateful to Thaillywood, founded by Reine Marie Fontaine Taittinger, who gave us the opportunity to be involved in its program. The idea is clear and the efforts are genuine. Ole Ukena’s work is a breath of fresh air, a real sense of achievement of what can be done locally. We’ll see what the future brings for art, in Thailand. [More people photographs to come by BangOrr.]