Australia, b. 1948



Robert Powell, born in Sydney in 1948, studied humanities and architecture in Australia.
He came to Asia in 1974 and was in India when Ladakh was opened to foreigners for the first time. He spent 7 months there documenting its Tibetan Architecture. That experience was the beginning of a lifelong exploration of Asian cultures, inspired by their material manifestations and especially their traditional architectures. Since then he has lived and worked in Asia, mostly in the Himalayas, in Nepal, India, Pakistan and also China and Japan.
Since 2004 he has been based 
in Thailand and has begun a series of paintings from Angkor, and the south east Asian region.
His sketchbooks, measured drawings, and photographs from more than three decades in Asia continue to inspire current works. His paintings and drawings have been exhibited and published widely and are the subject of two books, Earth Door Sky Door (1999, Serindia Publications) and
Himalayan Drawings (2001, Ethnographic Museum, University of Zürich)
Major solo exhibitions have been held at: The Freer & Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution,
Washington D.C., Ethnographic Museum, University of Zürich, The Patan Royal Palace Museum, Patan, Nepal.



Farmhouse in Swat Kohistan Jestukan,Brun,Kalash Valleys,NWFP,Pakistan

Farmhouse in Swat Kohistan 

72H x 110W cm


Jestukan, Brun, Kalash Valleys, NWFP, Pakistan

63H x 109W cm