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Light and Black by Takumi

Light and Black, an exhibition of paintings by Takumi, artist and architect. 14-31 July at the Art Tower Open House, Level 6, Central Embassy. Admission is free. Opening reception is 6:30pm, Friday 14 July.

“”The inspiration of my artwork comes from Jackson Pollock, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and my interpretation of life and universe. With action-painting techniques, my paintings reflect the dichotomy of day and night, between which I try to capture the aberration of human actions and mindsets. The paintings present the different sides of day and night when shown under daylight and night light (UV light) accordingly. Under the night light, paintings become an impression of the universe, upon which one could see the Big Bang, black holes, and shining stars. To me, art and photography share a similar quality of capturing the “happen” moment 発生 (hassei), and through the lens of my paintbrush I turn “the happening” into 現象 (genshō), a memory with new understanding.”

1985.05.11 Born in Saitama, Fukaya, Japan
2013 Assistant work in Paris, France
2015 ~ Artist “TAKUMI”
2015.09 First Solo Photo Exhibition in Shizuoka “TAKUMI Met Celebrities of the World”
2016.11 Steidl Book Award Japan 2016 — Grand Prix “TAKUMI Met Celebrities of the World”
2017.03 First Solo Art Exhibition in Osaka “Black and Light”