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 VIBRATIONS by Sophie de Kinkelin

3 February – 15 February 2017

Vibrations is an exhibition of pen and ink drawings by French artist Sophie de Kinkelin, who came from a great musician family: a pianist mother who studied under Marguerite Long and a cellist father who is a friend and contemporary of Robert Casadesus. Sophie traveled widely since she was a child, having known many of the great artists of the 20th century. Her works are delicate pen and ink drawings on paper, reflecting hours of concentration, tranquility, and sophisticated techniques and colors. The discipline in her works resolves into the images of meditative quality, a path to her spiritual self. Vibrations not only resonates her past, but also cast new light onto contemporary abstract images.

Opening Reception: Galleries’ Night 3 Feb 7pm

Exhibited in 2 venues: O.P. Garden 3-15 Feb, and 18 Feb-12 March at Central Embassy.