11667513_10153548969980757_3783547927447042050_n Woven Together, in MUSE, Bangkok Post 27 June 2015.
11667513_10153548969980757_3783547927447042050_nHEARTFELT Congratulations to the artist Mook Vinyaratn ‪#‎wombbymookv‬ ‪#‎soloexhibition‬ whose show was completely packed with love of friends and family, art collectors and enthusiasts − this came about with her many years of works with fabric creations that have crystallised into this series of contemporary works of art in fabric. Inspired by her pregnancy of a triplet, she wove and created these magnificent abstract pieces, sharing her love and passion. A great moment in contemporary art by a Thai woman artist. Don’t miss this show! Until 31 July. ‪#‎serindiagallery‬ ‪#‎sckgalleryhopping‬ ‪#‎bkkrvr‬

 22796_782916325159598_534798448210271928_nNOW ON VIEW AT Serindia Gallery ANNEX: CHINA + MYANMAR: Selected Photographs. MONICA DENEVAN studied photography at San Francisco State University but it wasn’t until she started traveling extensively that she began to see differently.


WOMB: The Art of Fabrics by Ploenchan “Mook” Vinyaratn

Opening Reception Friday 26 June 2015
6.30pm onward
SERINDIA GALLERY,Soi Charoen Krung 36