10410577_10153349565647244_778070108735060881_nLandscape: The Artist’s Talk with Piyatat Hemmatat

23 MAY 2015  15.00-17.00

Artist Piyatat Hemmatat will share with the audience his travel experience for the shooting of this Landscape series. How did he plan this series which took seven years to shoot? What was his vision of this body of work? He will also discuss the search for printmaking techniques that affect the visual outcome of the show. A unique opportunity for photography enthusiasts to learn about the making of this visually stunning LANDSCAPE show.

 UntitledCool video by Bangkok River for Silom/Charoen Krung Gallery Hopping Night.ขอขอบคุณ วิดีโอดีๆ จาก บางกอก รีเวอร์ ในงาน Silom/Charoen Krung Gallery Hopping Night.

15.04.16 Landscape book coverLANDSCAPE 2007-2014 by Piyatat Hemmatat Opening

LANDSCAPE by Piyatat Hemmatat, Serindia Gallery, Opening reception 24 April 2015. Features Piyatat’s Landscape series in platinum print (on Japanese washi paper), daguerreotype, silver gelatin print, and diasec mount. His poetic visual language in this series is communiated not only through the sublime images but the techincal mastery of the prints.

11110795_10153246467560070_3636009160363083625_oNEW EXHIBITIONS: LANDSCAPE 2007-2014 by Piyatat Hemmatat

Landscape 2007-2014 (ธรรมชาติ ๒๕๕๐ – ๒๕๕๗ โดย ปิยทัต เหมทัต) — A full presentation of Piyatat Hemmatat’s LANDSCAPE series at Serindia Gallery explores a range of the finest photographic prints of his works, including daguerreotype, silver gelatin, platinum, and modern-day diasec mount.